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"Video Makes Your Websites And Social Profiles Pop!" 
-David Deke, Creator, "Get A Clue Marketing Show"

Hollywood Film Makers Use Stock Footage...Shouldn't You Be?
 - No Film School -"6 Reasons To Use Stock Footage"

"Anyone who comes across a situation that could use stock footage and doesn’t use it, is a fool. Worse, he’s a time and money waster." - Film Making Stuff "Advantages Of Stock Footage"

"The time and money saving element to this is crucial for busy producers and filmmakers. Just imagine the time you can save from setting up a film crew, lighting, etc." -


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Stock Media Club Video Introduction 

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Day 2

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Stock Club Videos

DAY 1 - Subject: "What To Know How To Go Viral?"
Hey {!firstname_fix},
Isn't amazing how some videos can get millions of views, while other videos are getting 10+ views? Do you want to know how they are doing it?
In this first video, I show you works to make video go viral...(Video 1)
Here are some major elements, that will help you make your media go viral, so you can your message, passed around,from friend to friends!
             1) Funny Meme - Funny Video Clips
             2) Emotional - Motivational Images and Videos
             3) New Innovative - Creative Process (Ex.Cool Invention,Cool Science Experiment)

This stuff works! You can do so much, especially, if you are creative!
(Don't worry, if you are not creative, I'll show you how it's done.)In your first video lesson, you'll discover how to create your own viral videos, so you can start getting traffic.

We appreciate hearing from you.
Let us know if you ever have any questions.

David Deke
Stock Media Club

DAY 2 - SUBJECT: "You Probably Use These Video Platforms…"
Hey {!firstname_fix},
I hope you started to see the power of viral videos, in the first video.
Now, let' s delve into how to integrate stock media into your salespages, your social profiles and blog posts. (Video 2)
Do you use any of these platforms for your marketing?
LeadPages, Explaindio 2.0, EZ Video Creator, Wordpress,Facebook Videos, Video Sales Pages?

You will see how these Stock Video Clips can be embedded and importing into your software.
Very Easy, Very Quick!

We appreciate hearing from you.
Let us know if you ever have any questions.

David Deke
Stock Media Club

DAY 3 - SUBJECT: "Look Who Uses Stock Media…"
Hey {!firstname_fix},

Stock Media has been also for years!
Everyone from marketers to real estate agents to movie producers, all use stock footage.
They use them for commercials, movies, websites, sales pages and blogs.

4 Reasons Why People use stock media?
                   1) To Communicate A Message Or Reaction
                    2) To Create Emotion
                    3) To Add To Boring Pages
                    4) To SAVE Time
 Now It's Easier to find, Easy to download,and easier than making media yourself.
Today's video we're talking about, "Who Uses Stock Media And How To Create Funny Memes!"
All without having you're own special software...

We appreciate hearing from you.
Let us know if you ever have any questions.
David Deke
Stock Media Club

DAY 4 - SUBJECT: "You Don't Have To Have Deep Pockets…"

Hey {!firstname_fix},
Thanks for sticking around to see what "The Stock Media Club",
has to offer and what it can do for your business!

Imagine, what you do as a 'Stock Media Club' Member?" "Special Effects"
"Create Emotional Calls To Action"" "Drive On-going Traffic Campaigns"
"Advertising Video Spots"" And Anything You Can Imagine...
Everyone uses for stock video clips, high quality photos,and cool music backgrounds, for SOMETHING.
Having Access To SMC Means You Can Use This Media In Numerous Different Ways!

Plus, being a Member for a FULL Year, without breaking the bank!
Check Out This Video:

We appreciate hearing from you.
Let us know if you ever have any questions.
David Deke
Stock Media Club

DAY 5 - Subject: "Take Advantage Of This Special.."

Welcome Back {!firstname_fix}!
If you have NOT taken advantage of "The Stock Media Club" Membership,
your going to miss out!
Get In While Doors Are Open! 'Stock Media Club' Members Have Benefits, like really cool BONUSES,
Added Videos, Images And Music throughout the year.
Due to demand, and limited space, I can only offer these Special Prices & Bonuses For A Short Time!
Get In Quick!Remember, you'll get a FULL Year Membership - 3 Levels To Choose From...
This Video Explains More...

We appreciate hearing from you.
Let us know if you ever have any questions.
David Deke
Stock Media Club

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